Yarn Bowls


So it turns out people really like yarn bowls. Sure, they’re useful – they keep the ball or cake of yarn from bouncing all over the floor and being attacked by the cat while you knit or crochet. And they’re decorative too.

We started making them early in 2014 (thanks, Katie) and have had a great response both at Irish Fest and on Etsy. (Most of ours have an extra feature of a convenient scissors holder.) And now they’re available locally in the Milwaukee area at The Wool & Cotton Co., a warm and colorful shop in downtown Greendale, Wisconsin (thanks again, Katie). This photo represents our initial inventory at the shop. Custom colors and sizes are available on request. (Note: The smaller bowls are multitaskers – when you’re not in the middle of a project they make make a nice big cappuccino cup or soup bowl.)

Happy knitting!!

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